Super Natural Organic Foods

Peter and Wendy DoffSuper Natural Organics is owned and operated by Wendy Robertson and Peter Doff. Their small acreage farm is located in the foothills of the Cootharaba Range, about 30 minutes north of Noosa, on the Sunshine Coast of South East Queensland, Australia.

Here in this sub-tropical, tranquil corner of the planet they are realising their dream of providing good quality organic produce in a beneficial and sustainable way for the local community and to the benifit of the planet as a whole.

Both Wendy and Peter are passionate about providing good quality, healthy food that doesn’t denigrate the earth, but also nurtures and heals. They are both firm believers that this fragile planet that we live on is a living organism that needs to be respected and cared for to the same degree that we need to respect and care for our own beings.

They gained organic certification with Australian Certified Organics ( in 2004 using the standards set out by the Biological Farmers of Australia. The standards for organic farming are strict, clear and precise, and basically no inputs are permitted that are not of an organic nature.

All manures MUST first be fully composted before application. Seeds must come from an organic source, be unadulterated and not immersed in any pesticides, fungicides or growth hormones.

By using large quantities of mulch hay they manage to suppress weeds, reduce water consumption, avoid soil erosion and nutrient leaching and put back into the soil a carbon rich source of food for the micro and macro (worms and enzymes) population which in turn converts it into nutrient rich food for all, add to this applications of humus rich compost and we have the recipe for happy, healthy, vibrant plants that fend off the myriad of pests and diseases that commonly afflict chemically grown plants.

It is a labour of love!

We are at the Noosa Farmers Market every Sunday.
Noosa Farmers Markets