Grow Your Own

haybalesGrow Your Own Giant Garlic

Giant Garlic is relatively easy to grow in your own backyard garden. MARCH/APRIL is giant garlic planting time. It takes NINE months from planting to maturity so take this into account when choosing the location of your garlic patch. It also requires a moist free-draining soil and sunshine.

Now that you have selected your site you need to prepare your soil with some good quality organic compost, and if your soil tends to be a bit acidic dig in some garden lime to bring the ph up to 6.9

giant garlicSelect your cloves for planting. Make sure they are of a good size and quality. You can refrigerate them for a few days prior to planting. The bigger the clove planted the larger the bulb produced. Depending of course on the quality of your soil.

Push your clove into the ground leaving the pointy tip protruding. Leave about a hand space distance between each clove planted.

Once in the ground you need to cover them with some straw mulch hay.

This serves four purposes.

  • Weed suppression (garlic doesn’t like competition).
  • It helps to keep the soil temperature cooler.
  • It assists in retaining moisture in the soil and
  • It adds organic matter to your soil to feed the worms and microbes.

In about 2/3 weeks you will notice green shoots spearing up through you mulch.

You can now apply a nitrogen fertiliser like fish and kelp or blood and bone.
In about October you will notice the flower bud forming, snap this off and allow the energy to go down into the bulb.

In November the outer leaves will start to die off, wait until there is only about 3 green leaves left then it is time to harvest. About the beginning of December.

Pull your plants up gently, strip back the outer leaves and tie into a bundle and hang somewhere dark and breezy to dry.

Good health to you and to our planet